The typical enogastronomy

The seasonality of Oltrepò Pavese products never leaves you disappointed: come and enjoy the traditional recipes that will transport you on a journey of unique and inimitable flavors and aromas.

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"I have very simple tastes: I am always satisfied with the best."
- Oscar Wilde

When colors and flavors meet, they create a perfect mix that is impossible to resist.

The food and wine heritage of Oltrepò is full of delicacies ready to be discovered and savored.
What is done "as it once was" recalls flavors that delight the palate: the freshness of homemade pasta, the fragrance of cold cuts or the aroma of wine, all processed with ancient conservation techniques strictly linked to the production season.
And residents can always count on the quality and authenticity of the products, a real treasure steeped in tradition that has lived on the territory for centuries.

If you are a lover of cuisine, wine and good food: Oltrepò Pavese is the right place for you.
Choose the one you prefer among restaurants, farmhouses and tastings, sit comfortably and... Enjoy your meal!

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