Salami of Varzi PDO

Discover the renowned "salami with the drop": the Salami of Varzi PDO. One of the most famous and typical product of Oltrepò Pavese that evokes ancient flavors, colors and traditions.

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To give life to this "typical" delicacy, just a few simple ingredients are enough: well-selected pork, salt, coarse-grained black pepper and an infusion of garlic immersed in red wine.
It is a typical product with really intense colors and flavors which recall the value of the land and the work done by hand, whose origins date back to the Lombard era in the area of ​​the Staffora Valley.

The Salami of Varzi is also called "salami with the drop" due to the shape of the fat inside meat: a peculiarity that distinguishes it as unique in its kind, it is not a coincidence that this salami has become part of the "protected designations of origin" (PDO), an exclusive mark of excellence for selected products.
This product, performed in special cellars where production and seasoning techniques are carefully followed, is fundamental for its typicality.

The Salami of Varzi is unique in its kind because in its dough all parts of the pig are used, even the most noble and precious ones, which in other salami become hams, cups and other fine cured meats.
There is a phrase handed down to this day by the old peasant families that says: "nothing is thrown away from the pig", words that, in this case, are perfectly suitable.

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