Terms and conditions

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Disclaimer of what is written by users

  •     Each message expresses only the point of view of its author who is fully responsible for it, not the point of view of the administrators of the "Oltrepo Advisor" site or of the owner of the domain www.oltrepoadvisor.it. The user will be held solely responsible, civilly and criminally, for any violations made by him on this site.
  •     Considering the dynamic nature and the continuous change of the site it is however impossible to verify the contents of each message or image entered by users on the site. For this reason, we ask for the contribution and collaboration of users in the event of infringements of this regulation. If a user, a guest or any other person feels offended by one or more users of this site, please contact us immediately using the Contact button on the menu below and requesting the cancellation or modification of the offending publications.
  •     The user also agrees not to send abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, threatening or any other material that may violate applicable laws.
  •     The user agrees that the site administrator has the right to remove or edit any content whenever he deems it necessary.
  •     The user decides to join the service provided as it is, for which the Oltrepoadvisor.it site and its administrators assume no responsibility and provide no guarantee.
  •     The user expressly declares to have understood and to agree that the administrators and the Oltrepoadvisor.it site cannot in any way be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, suffered by the user as a result of his registration and participation.
  •     By clicking on the acceptance of the Terms and conditions of use and Privacy Policy when registering and / or using the services of the Oltrepoadvisor.it site, the user decides to accept this regulation and undertakes to respect the rules set out therein.

User behavior rules
They are not allowed:

  •     personal insults among users
  •     offenses against the institutions of any state or to the religion of any faith
  •     racial, sexual, religious, political discrimination.

Regardless of the wide faculty and right to discuss these topics, the user must avoid sarcastic, mocking, sacrilegious and disparaging comments towards anyone.
The following are also prohibited:

  •     racism and any apology for the inferiority or superiority of one race over the others
  •     attitudes and / or positions of contestation, free of charge, clearly hostile towards the administrators of the site
  •     attitudes and / or positions of contestation, free of charge, clearly hostile towards other users of the site
  •     incitement to failure to comply with these rules aimed at the exclusive destabilization of normal and peaceful active participation in the site.

Deliberate failure to comply with the above will result in the immediate cancellation of the account, at the discretion of the site administrators. No explanation is due for the cancellation of an account.
Furthermore, the following are not allowed:

  •     arguments deemed unsuitable for the spirit of the site, that is, contrary to good taste and modesty, or in any case capable of offending the sensitivity of other users
  •     publishing and / or requesting commercial software serial codes
  •     publishing and / or requesting links to warez sites and containing material that violates copyright and copyright laws
  •     publishing and / or requesting images, films and links deemed obscene and offensive, even sexually, of the sensitivity of individuals. These will be immediately removed
  •     the publication of articles, images, texts, discussions and links, contents or related to other websites, without the prior and explicit consent of the administrators / webmasters of the same, and without having first informed the administration of the Oltrepoadvisor.it site
  •     undertake, feed, or contribute to discussions related to national and international politics
  •     undertake or feed spamming actions, implicit or explicit, aimed at advertising other websites, blogs or forums
  •     undertake or feed spamming actions, implicit or explicit, aimed at advertising commercial activities of any sector, whether it is an online commercial activity or a commercial activity with traditional sales methods.

It will be the sole and unquestionable task of the directors to establish when these limits are exceeded and to intervene accordingly.
The content of the messages must satisfy and not violate any applicable law in the Italian State; it must also not promote the use of drugs, alcohol, pornography, profanity, hatred, fraud, racism, or any illegal or illegal activity.
The above rules apply both to messages contained within the site and to nicknames. If the administrators find that the nickname contents go against one of these rules, they will contact the user privately requesting a change or, in the event of serious offenses and / or inertia of the user, they will modify it ex officio and they will proceed with the warning of the user or his removal (temporary or permanent) from the site.

The work of the site administrators is unquestionable. it is however allowed to ask for explanations, but not using the public space of the site. Any disputes must be made by e-mail and in any case in a private form. Any intervention with the aim of a controversial dispute will be immediately canceled. Those who insist on this attitude will be immediately removed from the site according to the unquestionable judgment of the directors.
We ask you to present your disputes in a private form because, firstly, inserting openly controversial interventions certainly does not help to maintain the site's climate constructive and, secondly, in the private communication between user and administrator, it becomes easier to clarify the divergent positions and, if possible, seek constructive meeting points.

Closing discussions
Any publication by users will be canceled if topics or tones are not suitable for the guidelines of the site or that result in violations of this regulation.
For less serious violations, at the discretion of the administrator, the publication of the violated publication can be modified.

Deleting user accounts

  •     If a user is deleted from the site, he cannot rewrite with another nickname and / or e-mail.
  •     If a deleted user rewrites the site and is discovered by the administrators, it will be deleted again.
  •     If this user continues to rewrite, with the sole purpose of contesting and hindering the smooth running of the site, we will proceed with the complaint to the competent authorities.

Acceptance of these regulations
Proceeding with the registration on the site, or its use, the regulation is declared accepted in all its parts by the user.
The regulation is periodically updated, so as to better adapt its contents to the evolution of the site and, possibly, guarantee the best use of the site to the users who are part of it.
Any changes made to the regulation are automatically accepted by users, even those registered in the period prior to the last change.
Users are invited to periodically check for new terms and conditions of use.