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OltrepoAdvisor is a project born within Dwarf Venture S.r.l., and is managed by the guys of Associazione Turistica 3.0 per i Territori della Lombardia APS (Tourist Association 3.0 for the Lombardy Territories APS)!

The project was created because we believe that our territory needs 2 fundamental things to become a splendid swan and take flight: greater visibility and show to the rest of the world that it is made by people who have decided to "come out" at the sunlight.

For greater visibility, there is no problem: "Dwarf" is a professional company that has been operating for many years in web computing field, so they know very well how to make a web project (owner from the first to the last line of code, not a wordpress to which some "ninja" has given just few new colors...) perfectly functional and equally appreciated by both search engines and users.
And last but not least, there are people (first of all the pro loco volunteers) who, like us, believe that to have a good communication towards the world, a precise and univocal way to do it must be used.

The OltrepoAdvisor portal is this: a uniformed communication model of everything that happens within the Oltrepò Pavese territory.
Don't call it  just an "aggregator" (even if it actually is).
Don't call it just a "search engine" (even if it actually is).
Don't call it just a "real-time event reporter" (even if it actually is).
Don't call it just "local blog" (even if it actually is).

Call it as you want, as long as it is clear to everyone that you are in front of the new (and most advanced) starting point for tourism in Oltrepò Pavese.