Oltrepò Birdwatching

For all those who are animal lovers and love to immerse themselves in nature 100%, Oltrepò Pavese offers the opportunity to participate in various birdwatching activities: the observation of birds within their habitat.

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Have you already gone around all the cellars of Oltrepò Pavese and have you tried tastings of all types of wine and products from the area?
Now you definitely need a break for the perfect moment of contemplation of nature.

The territory is characterized by multiple ecosystems and, consequently, hosts different animal species.
The avifauna present is varied and is divided into four types: the one of the city environment, the one of the wet and marshy areas near the rivers, the one of the plain and the one characteristic of the hilly and mountain areas.
Thanks to the excursions and meetings organized by the specialized entities you can enter the protected areas and observe more than 300 species of wild birds, including: the Rondine Montana, the Bee-eater, the Woodpecker Muraiolo, the Royal Eagle, the Biancone and the Peregrine Falcon.

The suggested routes are divided according to age groups and are different based on the seasons of the year.
It's impossible to get bored: get a good pair of binoculars or a camera and come to discover the Oltrepò nature and its many facets.

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