Greenway: the "green snake" of Oltrepò Pavese

A journey made of sport, nature and culture between Voghera and Varzi.

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Do you want to go from the plains to the Apennines by bike or on foot surrounded by nature? There is an answer to your question and can be found in Oltrepò Pavese: the Greenway! The cycle and pedestrian path par excellence, more than 30 km long, which develops between Voghera and Varzi.

Immersed in the green hills of the Staffora Valley, which is why it is nicknamed the "green snake", it is perfect for anyone, from nature lovers to sports enthusiasts, both for those who practice it in an amateur form and for professionals. Greenway is almost impossible not to cross those who, on sunny days, dedicate themselves to cycling, running or walking in company to take a break from everyday life and free their mind, taking advantage of the favorable climate and the last warm rays of the sun.

Tourism is also encouraged by the landscape that can be admired along the way, spectacular in the summer and unforgettable when, as autumn approaches, the trees and all of nature are tinged with yellow. But let's not forget that the Greenway is not just a way to spend your days breathing fresh air, walking with your animal friends surrounded by greenery, or keeping fit by practicing any type of sport up and down the hills. It is an opportunity to enrich your culture, feast your eyes on the historical and artistic heritage, and why not, take advantage of the visit to whet your palate with the typical food and wine delicacies of our territory.
The reason for this statement? This path, in addition to being surrounded by nature, runs alongside the most beautiful villages and towns of the Oltrepò. Salice Terme, where the second section of the Greenway begins, is one of these, together with Bagnaria: a medieval village famous for its fruits.

There is no justification for not admiring even a small portion of the panorama that the "green snake" offers, perhaps the distance ... but thanks to the 360 ° video below, dedicated to the stretch of Salice Terme - Bagnaria: there are no more excuses.