Greenway Voghera - Varzi: Salice Terme - Bagnaria stretch

The cycle and pedestrian path that crosses the Oltrepò Pavese hills.

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Greenway Voghera - Varzi: Salice Terme - Bagnaria stretch - Image: 1
Greenway Voghera - Varzi: Salice Terme - Bagnaria stretch - Image: 2
Greenway Voghera - Varzi: Salice Terme - Bagnaria stretch - Image: 3
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Do you enjoy outdoor sports or simply being surrounded by greenery and listening to the sounds of nature? Oltrepò Pavese has what's right for you: the Greenway!

The Greenway is a cycle and pedestrian path over 30 kilometers long that connects the plain to the Apennines through the Staffora Valley, its beautiful hills and its enchanting locations. It was renamed "green snake" precisely because of the scenery that surrounds it, characterized mainly by the green of nature. This allows the inhabitants of villages near and far to detach themselves from everyday life and connect with nature and benefit from it, but also to have a place where they can practice sports, ranging from hiking to more demanding sports such as cycling.

The second stretch of this track begins in Salice Terme, climbing up the Staffora Valley and flanking the stream of the same name on the right bank until the end of the route.
Those who travel along the Greenway, in this case the Salice Terme - Bagnaria stretch, have the opportunity to enjoy all the beauties that the Oltrepò offers, from breathtaking natural landscapes to a rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage. Here we can find some of the most beautiful villages and towns in the area, without forgetting the thermal springs, such as Salice Terme, the starting point of this section of the Greenway. But let's not forget the food and wine side characterized by numerous delicacies, ranging from the distinctive fruits of the territory, such as apples and cherries from Bagnaria, to typical dishes and products, some of which bear the De. Co. mark (Municipal Denomination), like the Baci di Godiasco.
If you don't plan on admiring first-hand the spectacle of our hills and visiting the historical beauties they offer, the 360 ° video will make you live the experience from the comfort of your home as if you were on the spot, on the route Salice Terme - Bagnaria.

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Cycle tourism in Oltrepò

In an area such as that of Oltrepò, home to a great historical and artistic heritage and rich in breathtaking panoramic areas, cycle tourism is one of those activities that allows you both to practice sports surrounded by nature and to visit places full of culture. This is because it is possible to indulge in outings by bicycle on dedicated routes such as the Greenway, which connects the plain beyond the Po Valley to the Apennines. Starting from Voghera and arriving as far as Varzi, it crosses some of the most splendid villages and the surrounding countryside. Or, retrace the 18th stage of the Giro d'Italia 2021 which took place right on our hills.
Practicing cycling in Oltrepò offers unique and exciting experiences. Don't miss them and find out what else this magnificent area has to offer.