Grape harvest in Oltrepò Pavese

The grape harvest is a festive occasion for everyone thanks to the events in Oltrepò!

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The harvest period of a particular crop, during which the farmer admires the fruit of his work and collects it, has always been a celebration.
People, despite the fatigue of work, worked singing and made this moment of conviviality, sharing and union.
September and October are the main months for the grape harvest, although depending on the season and the type of grape, the harvest can begin in August. Many companies, here in Oltrepò Pavese, for this occasion, organize events dedicated to every age group, from days dedicated to children to those reserved for adults. Grape picking and pressing are reserved for the former, giving them an experience not to be forgotten, amidst the grapes and the smell of the must, while the latter are offered wine tasting and tours among the various cellars, intended to satisfy every curiosity.
The atmosphere of these events enchants everyone, especially the little ones who are fascinated by the creation of wine which happens as if by magic for them.

To support the various activities there is music, which forms the background to these days of celebration, inviting people to sing, dance and share their joy and light-heartedness, making the environment even more festive. The good food is never missing, characterized by typical traditional dishes that accompany the wine tasting, to be able to taste quality products that allow you to make a sensory journey through the fruits of our land and rediscover local flavors. Nowadays this is an opportunity both for companies, which attract numerous visitors, and for visitors who thus have the opportunity to taste and see directly from the producer how the dishes on their tables are born.

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