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Excursions, trekking and walks. Choose your path immersed in the mountains, hills and plains of Oltrepò Pavese.

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Nordic walking, nordic trail, running, activities among vineyards, hills and mountains, the salt route...
You have several itineraries to enjoy, following your journey step by step, up to the final destination.

Within a landscape you often get "lost" thinking that someone in ancient times has gone the same way to go home, to work, to survive... or more simply to enjoy the landscape. There is no greater satisfaction to cross nature and enjoy every detail by discovering the scents, silences and sounds of the plant and animal habitat.

Let yourself be caressed by the fresh air that takes away the stress of daily work.
Live your walk at 360 degrees in the way you want and with whoever you want, alone or in company.

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Thematic Routes
The Thematic Routes: a set of contents linked together by a theme to discover a territory with a system of suggestions in your hand!