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A different idea for families and schools, where young people have the opportunity to have fun in company while staying in contact with nature.

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If you are wondering where to bring children and teenagers to entertain them, Oltrepò Pavese has several alternatives for fun.
Choose the one you prefer among amusement parks and theme parks.

- Amusement parks are places where you can discover friendship and have fun together with different games and attractions.
There are both indoor and outdoor structures suitable for everyone, even for the little ones: equipped with inflatables, rides, slides, swings, ballcage, houses, make up for children... and much more.

- Theme parks are structures with numerous rides and attractions with the possibility of seeing animals up close.
And not only.
These types of parks also have a particular location, built ad hoc, in which it is impossible not to identify and feel protagonists.
In addition, children will have the opportunity to have fun in complete safety and freedom, while adults will be able to experience new emotions in total serenity.

To have fun in a different way than usual.
Beat boredom and monotony! Find your special destination and start the adventure!

See also: adventure parks
[In addition to these, there are also adventure parks: structures particularly equipped to offer more recreational activities such as, for example, paths suspended in the greenery and climbing on trees. Each path is studied on various levels of difficulty and preparation also taking into consideration the age of the interested public.]

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