Paragliding in the skies of Oltrepò Pavese

Play with the wind and challenge yourself: experience the feeling of a free flight and the thrill of admiring from above panoramas and landscapes that will take your breath away.

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"Those who have tried flying will walk looking at the sky, because they have been there and they want to go back."
- Leonardo Da Vinci

Once in flight you will never want to go down.
After having unfurling the sail, you get into the harness and leave the ground with a light run from the slope: as if by magic, that fabric on the ground that seems to be a wrinkled sheet, once inflated with air, turns into a giant wing that rises in flight ready to excite emotions.

A paraglider is a mean similar to a parachute and allows you to fly, alone or in pairs, defying the height, gravity and wind energy in the skies.
This activity has become a real sporting discipline but, at the tourist level, it is not classified among the extreme sports.
You can try it even if you have vertigo problems, while if you suffer from labyrinthitis or heart disease, it is highly discouraged to get up in flight (obviously after medical consultation ...).
This sport requires concentration and mental balance, basic requirements to fly in total tranquility, but also the desire for adrenaline and to explore the sky like a true bird of prey.
The possibility of gliding in the middle of the sky and above nature attracts more and more people: the number of fans in the Oltrepò Pavese (and throughout Italy) continues to grow, year after year, because floating "in the blueness, painted in blue" is a show that fascinates and conquers.

Discover all the activities of the area and experience the beatiful feeling of freedom that only flight can give you.
Don't be afraid to learn to fly: the sky is waiting for you!

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