Horse riding

Horse riding: where freedom and trust are fundamental characteristics between human and animal. You can live these experiences between the woods, vineyards and valleys of the area.

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There are those who see it as a hobby, some as a passion and some as a unique experience to try at least once in a lifetime; between those who feel a little like a knight, some a prince and some an adventurer, there is one thing that unites everyone: the unique relationship of complicity between human and animal.

Horse riding is a very fascinating sport and every year in Oltrepò Pavese many fans come to visit the riding stables in the area and riding schools.
Horses are very sensitive animals, but also proud, therefore a strong character is needed to deal with them.
You just have to come and discover them.

Walks, obstacle courses, single races or organized by teams: discover the activities you like the most between outdoor riding and indoor facilities.

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