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A journey to discover the typical and traditional flavors of the Oltrepò municipality.

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Among the treasures of the Oltrepò Pavese we can find Romagnese, a small village of about 600 inhabitants located at 650 m high above sea level, in 2012 it was included among the "Jewels of Italy". Its territory, which extends for about 29 square kilometers, allows to produce quality delicacies with which local producers pass on traditions and legends.

So let's find out what are the gastronomic gems of Romagnese.
We have to mention first the sweet symbol of the village: the “Sabiosa” cake; originated in the mid-1930s from an intuition of Mrs. Dina Zambarbieri. The recipe is a secret, but it is reminiscent of the Paradise Cake, while remaining softer and more crumbly. A must if you pass through Romagnese!

Romagnese is also one of the seven municipalities of the Oltrepò Pavese Mountain Community in which the Salame of Varzi PDO is produced, a gastronomic excellence of our territory awarded the prestigious PDO mark since 1996 by the European Union, which guarantees the unique Salame of Varzi qualitative peculiarities. It is made with minced pork and mixed with sea salt, peppercorns and an infusion of garlic and red wine.

Continuing with the journey through the flavors of Romagnese  we arrive at 900 m.a.s.l, in the hamlet of Casa Villa on the slopes of Monte Alpe: here about forty hectares of land are cultivated organically to produce vegetables (pumpkins, potatoes and onions), but also varieties of ancient cereals for the production of flour, legumes and buckwheat. In particular, varieties of soft wheat are grown by not carrying out any type of chemical treatment on the plants, ensuring respect for the ecosystem and biodiversity. By stone grinding this mix of wheat you will obtain a mixture of fine flours with an ancient flavor and very versatile in the kitchen (suitable for bread, pizza, desserts and fresh pasta). Another product obtained from these crops is the Antique Ottofile Pavese Corn, the selection of the best cobs is done manually to obtain the highest quality; the drying of the grains takes place with natural methods, at low temperatures, in order not to alter the nutritional properties of the cereal. This type of corn is suitable for making polenta and biscuits (which you can also come and taste in Romagnese during the many events).
Also in the hamlet of Casa Villa, blueberries, currants and Genoese pomelle are grown.

Let's now pass to another fraction of Romagnese: Pozzallo, here you can find grazing free in the green Apennine of the upper Oltrepò beef cattle of the line cow-calf with an extensive semi-wild method and goats that have adapted to the free life of the low mountain pasture, their habitat natural. From these farms they produce long-aged beef, bresaola without preservatives and from September also the pork, salami and cured meats line; but also high quality goat's milk rich in special aromatic substances which, between animal welfare and dairy art, give unique organoleptic properties to the cheeses.
Another fraction of Romagnese is Casa Rocchi: here a highly prized saffron is grown.

Returning to the historic center we find lavender crops, from which essential oils are obtained and scented biscuits are produced that can transport those who taste them inside a lavender field.

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