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May Day in Oltrepò Pavese

May Day in Oltrepò Pavese

Workers' Day and their rights. Here's how to spend it in company between barbecues and events.

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Labor Day was proclaimed during the Second International in Paris on July 20, 1889. The origin of this decision was an episode that took place in Chicago, United States, on May 1, 1886 and lasted three days, where thousands of workers went on strike to reduce working hours to 8 and to request protections and working dignity which had been denied until then.
Unfortunately ended in blood, the strike was the first actual and effective step towards a recognition of workers' rights.

This festivity is also celebrated by Italians, in particular, often associated with the "May 1st Concert", which is organized in Rome and broadcast by television networks, attracting a large number of spectators, as a collective event to bring people closer to social issues related to the working sphere.
On this day, many people entertain themselves by listening to music of all kinds, among these are those who participate in the live event and who, on the other hand, are content to watch it on TV.
May Day is not just a time to spend observing and listening to a musical show, but there are valid alternatives to spend this day having fun and relaxing by taking your mind off. One of these is a nice barbecue with friends, surrounded by greenery, good food, fresh drinks and open air, you get away from everyday life and let the time pass between laughter and good humor. An option for those who do not have a grill, it can be a picnic where you try to create original appetizers to please young and old.

Still for those who love being outdoors, you can take part in excursions, in the mountains for example, or stroll through parks and gardens in bloom.
Another valid option is to visit places of cultural interest, such as museums, historic villas or castles, or towns and cities which, on the occasion of this holiday, organize fairs and events, including musical ones, to entertain all ages.

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