Museum of Bees of Montalto Pavese

A museum dedicated to bees, one of the most important insects for our planet.

Piazza IV Novembre, 1 - Montalto Pavese (PV)
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Activity description

The Museum of Bees of Montalto Pavese was founded in 2004 by the will of the two beekeepers, Carlo Perotti and Zelindo Martini, in agreement with the municipal administration, which placed it in Palazzo Cristina, the oldest building in Montalto Pavese dating back to 1100.
Perotti and Martini's idea was to spread the knowledge of the importance of bees as a pollinator insect that carries pollen and, therefore, fundamental for our ecosystem.

The museum is divided in three rooms:

  • At the entrance there is the video presentation of the two promoters;
  • The second room presents the bee family, the stages of development, the roles played by worker bees, drones and queen and the equipment that testifies to the transition from traditional beekeeping, carried out with a hive made from a hollow log or wicker container, to rational beekeeping that is currently practiced;
  • In the third room there is the material used for honey extraction, a video containing interviews with some beekeepers on the life of bees and photographs, which represent the main local blooms.
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Among the many traditions of Oltrepò Pavese there is also that of honey. Honey became part of the history of the territory, initially that of Zavattarello, already in the nineteenth century thanks to Luigi Dal Verme and then, subsequently, spread to the surrounding areas.
There are many companies dedicated to its production, but not only, also of derivative products. With its unique flavor and excellent quality, Oltrepò honey is so important in the area that it has led to the creation of associations for its enhancement and a proposal for its appointment as a DOP.
Discover its history, the places where you can taste it at its best and visit the places where the ancient tools for processing are exhibited.