Accordion Museum of Stradella

Civic Museum of the "Mariano Dallapè" Accordion: on display the instruments that made Stradella famous throughout the world of music.

Via Montebello, 2 - Stradella (PV)
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Inaugurated on May 20, 1999, baptized by singer-songwriter Paolo Conte, the Accordion Museum of Stradella was established in 1997 with a resolution of the City Council. Currently, according to the parameters of the Lombardy Region, it properly defines itself as a museum collection. The museum itinerary is divided into three sectors and five environments: the first sector describes the historical context in which the local accordion industry was formed; the didactic section follows in which the components making up the sound box, the technical description and the musical peculiarities are analyzed; the last rooms showcase a wide range of models, all produced in Stradella and arranged in chronological order, covering all periods of production. The large collection of instruments boasts pieces of extreme importance and several unique pieces: for example the first accordion produced in Stradella by the pioneer Mariano Dallapè in 1871, the Organfisa Liturgica with its amazing organ voice, and other special models with a sophisticated aesthetic and sweetness of sound. Various information levels are arranged along the tour: a brief description is combined with each exhibit and document, while in each sector there are panels for in-depth analysis of the subjects dealt with.

The museum's goal is to preserve the memory of an exciting segment of local history that made the little hard-working Stradella known all over the world. It was set up after a few years of field research, with the decisive contribution of direct witnesses, and thanks to the historical data extracted from the archives. A source of information was also generous donations of ancient tools and documents. The Museum also wants to testify the genesis of the accordion and the events relating to the 45 factories that have existed in the city since 1876: the richness and variety of the production fabric have elaborated an infinite number of variations in conceiving the many models of accordion produced, which have also evolved through various eras and technological development.

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Music in Oltrepò

In an area rich in traditions and products such as Oltrepò, the musical aspect is not lacking. The Accordion of Stradella is the best known example of how a product of the territory, not tied to the earth, is known all over the world.

The Museum dedicated to it was born in 1997 with the aim of celebrating its origins and always remembering an important piece of history for Oltrepò Pavese, as well as being a way to introduce a particular musical instrument to all those who are passionate of music and who love to rediscover the territory in all its forms and facets.