Organic wine in Oltrepò

Produced entirely with 100% biologic grapes, without the aid of chemical substances: a wine that respects the its territory’s lifecycle

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The history of wine production is ancient and noble, always in perfect harmony with nature and its precious fruits. The succession of the seasons has always been a fundamental instrument in the transformation process from the wonderfully sweet grapes of the territory into renowned wines.
Nowadays we have many tools and substances, created in order to protect and reinforce the winery production, which have however damaged its authenticity and taste: “organic wine” was created  in recent years precisely in order to bring back that natural past.

What is organic wine?
This label is given through a certificate of conformity, under national and European legislation, to those wines which are produced with the aim of protecting the biodiversity and fertility of the land through traditional cultivation practices. 
There are two critical moments which determine whether a wine can be considered organic or not:

During cultivation: produced entirely with 100% grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as artificial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. All these have to be substituted with natural ingredients and adjuvants. 

During production: the vinification phase takes place through the use of biological products, compliant with the legislation, and especially by using a limited amount of sulfates during the production of wine.

In a territory as rich in culture and winery tradition as Oltrepò, organic wines represent an important way of breathing new life into secular winemaking traditions of our territory. This is why these fine wines are celebrated by our local canteens and they bring luster to the local industry with their exemplary production!

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