All the benefits of Pet Therapy

Find out how animals can be trusted friends and skilled "therapists" at the same time.

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Pet Therapy is a co-therapy that does not replace psychotherapy, physiotherapy or pharmacological therapy, but is useful when integrated with other treatments with the aim of promoting healing in a more effective way.

When we talk about Pet Therapy it is important to mention the therapeutic and educational role that animals play by being in contact with patients, also and above all through playful activities.
Animals do not judge and do not make the subjects being treated uncomfortable... one of the most important aspects to obtain a valid result faced with many psychological pathologies.
An extremely important value because, regardless of the species, it is scientifically proven that the animal gives itself totally to man, stimulating smiles, increasing self-esteem and decreasing anxieties, fears and the heartbeat rate when there is a state of tension.

This therapy is recommended for everyone, especially for the elderly, children and people with disabilities or psychic disorders.
Dogs, cats, rabbits, donkeys and horses: the relationship with the animal is fundamental to stimulate and learn concepts such as trust, respect, mutual help as well as improving communication between two subjects.
Each animal must be evaluated by an experienced veterinarian, in this way the link between human and animal can be complete, resulting beneficial for the purposes of therapy.

In the Oltrepò Pavese there are structures that provide this type of activity positive opinions with great satisfaction.

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