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Gokart, 4x4 buggy, motorbike, motard, legend cars… and much more. Lovers of four wheels, or motors in general, you are in the right place!
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"Records are made to be broken."
- Michael Schumacher

The passion for motors is a classic that never dies, and even nowadays it unites many people both adults and children.
Many times it is thought that today's young people have lost interest in dynamic sports and prefer technology, but it is not true: too often only the negative sides are seen, when in reality it is enough to take the right security measures to have fun to the fullest.

In Oltrepò Pavese you can satisfy your desire for adrenaline and live a Grand Prix and MotoGP experience on the front line.
Watch the races with your friends and get excited with the roar of the engines, or take to the field as a protagonist and live your thrilling experience like a real rider or a real motorcyclist.

If the speed is in your DNA and gas flows in your blood, you must only choose the activity that excites you most, among: gokart, 4x4 buggy, motorbike, motard, legend cars... and much more.
Make your dream come true by experiencing the thrill of high speed.
Fasten your seat belt, the circuit is waiting for you!

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