Narrating the Oltrepò through its events

A new way of telling the Oltrepò Pavese starting from events, parties and festivals. Storytelling and sharing to enhance an area in an innovative way. A uniformed communication model: save the date, time and place of the event that's right for you.

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Narrating the Oltrepò through its events - Image: 2
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"I learned that people can forget what you said, people can forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
- Maya Angelou

Have you ever seen the billboards of the Visit Britain campaign while you wait for the bus?
And then maybe get on it and find yourself contemplating the advertisement of Romagnaturismo to avoid staring at the one sitting in front of you? Or in moments of boredom scroll through the instagram posts to "It's Tuscany"?

Maybe you haven't noticed, but they are all ways of doing territorial marketing by telling the traditions of a territory through its events. Today communication is based on storytelling, which has a further meaning in marketing: it means creating identification.

Storytelling and sharing become crucial not only to tell the stories, traditions and flavors of a territory but also to give visibility to what is happening at present: events, parties, festivals.
oltrepoAdvisor was created to ensure that anyone can know not only what can be done in Oltrepò Pavese, but also the time and place where they happen. It is a way of telling, or rather, of narrating the tradition projected to the future and direct experience. oltrepoAdvisor should be seen as much more than a blog, much more than a search engine, much more than an aggregator of information: it is a model of uniform communication.
It can be used as an advanced starting point for tourism in Oltrepò: because doing good for the territory means doing good for the people who are part of it.

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