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Find out how to give visibility to your activities and promoting the territory with our system of distributed websites! OltrepoAdvisor universe has expanded to create an ecosystem of four mini portals: OltrepoAgriturismo, OltrepoVino, OltrepoEventi and OltrepoRistoranti. These will be dedicated to the promotion of companies and activities in Oltrepò Pavese.

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If you are a visual person, once the words "Oltrepò" and "Pavese" have been pronounced, the following images will most likely come to mind: vineyards, wine, food (and the fog). This is a pity! Oltrepò Pavese is, in reality, a territory rich of resources, often underestimated due to the scarce marketing and communication operations that have affected it in recent years. Its riches have been less highlighted, causing in this way a distorted perception.

Today, to enhance a territory, two essential requirements are needed: innovation and visibility.

In this regard oltrepoAdvisor was born, which for those who do not know, has set itself up as a model of uniformed communication of everything that happens within the territory and wants to be a new and advanced starting point for tourism in Oltrepò Pavese.

Relevant is the fact that the project is obtaining excellent results and receiving important media attention: in fact the numbers are constantly growing and the results double every month compared to the previous one. OltrepoAdvisor has given visibility to more than 40 associations and municipalities that have been able to benefit from technologies otherwise precluded to them, finding greater participation and involvement.

Consequently, it was decided, therefore, to expand the oltrepoAdvisor ecosystem, following a logic that would allow us to expand our tools and develop the cultural and economic well-being of our area. So we thought to create a parallel ecosystem of distributed websites, consisting of "mini portals" such as oltrepoAgriturismo, oltrepoVino, oltrepoEventi and oltrepoRistoranti, whose main function is to give visibility to companies and economic activities in our area by making them participate in this project.

We believe that anyone who operates an economic activity today cannot deny the connection established with the territory to which it belongs, or neglect the resources from which it inevitably draws. So why not choose to give visibility to your business and at the same time think about your territory? Today it is possible, by choosing the oltrepoAdvisor ecosystem!

In our vision companies use business as a positive strenght, which can then be used as a lever of differentiation. Also because an activity that today is conceived as sustainable, should consider the ethical dimension of the business as a relevant part of the added value to be offered and not as something accessory. Social commitment becomes a requirement, not an option. Innovation is a matter of progress and you cannot progress by standing still. It's about enhancing what you already have, but in a new perspective.

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