The "Stracchino" of Godiasco Salice Terme

A traditional frozen dessert branded with the De. Co. mark.

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The "Stracchino" dates back to the 1920s, when its recipe was conceived. Said recipe, in the following years, was handed down only to the managers of the ice cream shop that produces it, a custom that has not been lost over time. Even today, the instructions are followed step by step and the product is handcrafted without changing any of the ingredients or the procedure. Small attentions that guarantee an excellent result with a characteristic taste, an aspect that has made this dessert a specialty loved by many.

The semifreddo, typical of Godiasco Salice Terme, has been recognized by the Municipality as De. Co. thus confirming its origin and local identity.
Of this fresh and inviting dessert, only the ingredients needed to make it are known: strictly fresh eggs, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, dry Marsala, fresh cream, chocolate, sponge cake and rum. The doses and method of preparation, on the other hand, have never been shared, remaining a secret revealed only to those who had the privilege of inheriting the complete recipe. 
Once all the ingredients are combined, the "Stracchino" is made into molds to give it its classic shape and, subsequently, placed in the blast chiller for 12 hours to make it harden. Once this phase is completed, the product is moved to a freezer at -20 ° C, so that it can remain compact and maintain its homogeneous appearance.

Storage must take place at a temperature not exceeding -15 ° C and must be consumed within 90 days of its production.

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