Senza Titolo (Untitled) - Costas Varotsos

The work exhibited at the MAAAPO in Arena Po was created by the artist Costas Varotsos.

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Costas Varotsos, Athens (Greece) 1955

"SENZA TITOLO" (Untitled) 1989

His training starts in Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and at the Faculty of Architecture in Pescara. In 1982 he returned to Athens where he continued his artistic research and began to take an interest in large-scale works, favoring glass as a material.
He has featured his works during many international exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Among these he specifically remembers "Orizzonti" at Morgia (Gessopalena, Abruzzo), where he filled a saddle between two mountain peaks with glass in 1997. He represented Greece at the Venice Biennale in 1999 and created public works in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, the United States and Switzerland. Among these: in 2012 "L'Approdo", Opera all'Umanità Migrante in Otranto, Other works in Rome, Salerno at the University of Studies and Turin where he recently completed a monumental work.
He prefers large dimensions and his works testify to a reflection on the essential themes of life and man such as energy, space, time and nature, in creations of great poetic depth.

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