The White Truffle of Fortunago

One of the "Municipal Denominations" of Fortunago: the White Truffle.

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In the Municipality of Fortunago, located in Oltrepò Pavese, you can find a prized variety of truffle: the White Truffle.
The municipal area, in fact, has the ideal conditions for its existence, making it a characteristic and typical product of the area.
For this reason, the tuber has been made the bearer of the "Municipal Denomination" (De. Co.) mark, thus protecting its origin and identity.
In addition to the characteristics of the soil, the plants that inhabit it also contribute to making the environment suitable for its growth. Oaks, Hazelnuts, Willows, Holm Oaks and Poplars, are the main varieties of plants in the vicinity of which it is possible to find the renowned truffle.

With a light color and an oval or rounded shape, it has a particular and unique flavor, appreciated by select few.
Its use in the kitchen is mainly linked to the preparation of first courses, but also second courses and side dishes, where it is found in the form of thin slices or grated. Risotto, tagliolini and soups are the combinations that particularly enhance its taste, while it is not disdained on fried eggs or vegetables.

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