The "Salame Nostrano" of Stradella

A traditional product recognized as De. Co. : the "Salame Nostrano" of Stradella.

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The origins of Stradella's "Salame Nostrano" date back to an ancient tradition of the Oltrepò Pavese families: raising a pig to ensure sustenance through derivative products, since not one part of pork meat is wasted.
Due to its historical link with the territory and its characteristics, Stradella's "Salame Nostrano" boasts the mark De. Co. promoting and representing the Municipality at a cultural and gastronomic level.

The traditional recipe ensures its deliciousness and elevated quality. Handed down through generations until the present day, it contains the ingredients and the secrets of their processing: meat, coming from pigs strictly over 9 months of age and weighing more than 180 kg, salt, pepper, flavorings, sugar and wine. 
For the production of Stradella's "Salame Nostrano" two of these require specific preparation, the meat and wine. The first is slaughtered in certified factories located in the provinces of Pavia, Cremona and Parma, where the prime cuts are selected and then, after being in the cold room for one night, are roughly ground. Meanwhile, the preparation of the wine is carried out by letting it rest for one night, mixed with garlic which will be subsequently filtered.
Once all the ingredients have been mixed and the mixture has been placed in natural casings, the product will have to mature in a humid environment for 80 days, in the case of “filzetti”, or for longer if it is the “sewn” type.

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