The Pancetta with Rind of Stradella

Pancetta with Rind: a traditionally unique and De. Co. product

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The Pancetta with Rind of Stradella has been recognized as De. Co. by the Municipality for the traditional method with which it is produced. In fact, its typical feature is the seam that uniformly crosses the side along its entire length, becoming a distinctive mark of the De.Co.

For its production, the recipe calls for the use of the belly of pigs weighing more than 180 kg raised in the Pavia area and aromas, including whole black pepper and half grain, fine salt, ground white pepper and other spices in small quantities. The latter are added manually in the salting phase, a fundamental process to enhance its flavor, making the Pancetta with Rind of Stradella a tasty and delicious product. 
Before maturing, which should be no less than 18 months, the pancetta De. Co. is pierced with a needle to facilitate the escape of liquids and salts and to ensure, therefore, an excellent result when the processing is complete.

Furthermore, its compact appearance, the pink color of the fat part, the sweet taste and the pleasant texture on the palate ensure its quality and deliciousness.

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