The “Miccone” of Stradella

The De.Co. bread of Oltrepò Pavese.

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Among all the local delicacies of Oltrepò to which the De. Co. mark was attributed, there is also the traditional “Miccone” from Stradella.

White bread of peasant origins, invented to support families, but above all, men during the long days of work in the fields.
The traditional recipe involves the use of soft wheat flour, water, natural yeast and salt, all natural and simple ingredients. Despite this, their combination gives life to a fragrant and excellent quality product, capable of maintaining these characteristics up to 5 days after preparation. The secret is the low percentage of moisture contained in the dough, only 40% water, which is essential due to the humid climate that distinguishes the Oltrepò Pavese area.

At the time of preparation, to favor the amalgamation of all the ingredients, the mixture must be worked for a long time and, once it becomes compact, it will be ready for a first leavening phase. Subsequently, it is necessary to proceed with further processing of the dough from which rounded shapes are obtained that will then be engraved and left to rise for many hours. The result obtained is passed into the rolling mill, broken and, finally, worked by hand to give it the classic shape of “Miccone”.
The recipe requires a third leavening process lasting one hour which must take place on special frames and a second incision that precedes the last step, that of cooking. This is carried out with skill and suitable conditions to guarantee an excellent product of great pride for the territory.

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