Lavender: the flower that makes Oltrepò Pavese bloom

A walk among the lavender flowers, the perfect combination of physical and mental wellbeing.

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Oltrepò Pavese is known to be the land of wine, but it is also the ideal place for the cultivation of Lavender.
From early June until early July, it is impossible not to notice the panorama that the Oltrepò hills gifts our eyes with, tinged with all the most beautiful shades of purple and blue. However, the period of greatest flowering occurs in mid-June where it is possible to admire an incomparable spectacle and surround yourself with a fresh, unique and also beneficial scent. Because yes, the scent of Lavender has excellent effects on our body, it works as an antidepressant, a sleep aid and is ideal for those who want to relax.
A perfect relaxing action, therefore, can be obtained with its essential oil, often used for aromatherapy, or simply, walking among the Oltrepò Lavender fields, combining physical and mental well-being.
To offer us this opportunity are above all the areas of Borgoratto Mormorolo, Godiasco, Romagnese, Varzi and Ruino, which recall the countryside of Provence making the Oltrepò worthy of an impressionist painting. In these locations there are several companies that are dedicated to its cultivation in the area, ranging from the Lavandula flower, to the officinal Lavender, from the classic lavender color to the more particular one: blue. Some of these allow the curious and those interested to take a tour of their fields, thus allowing them to enjoy the beneficial effects of its aroma, but also a breathtaking view. In addition to giving us relaxing walks, the medicinal plant is very suitable in the kitchen and for personal care. In fact, it is used not only for its scent, but also for its flavor and for its beneficial actions such as balsamic, antispasmodic, analgesic and more. It can be used for the production of grappa, digestives and jelly (excellent with cheeses). Or, if you don't like its taste, it can be enjoyed in the form of essential oil, for body products and to perfume rooms.

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